rear shock replacement
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    Default rear shock replacement

    does any one have any pic's on how to replace the back shock's. I'm not really a mechanic but i can do it with a little help. Or can some one tell me exactly what to do i would really appreciate it. My back shock makes sounds when i go over bumps and good old lew schwab say's they need to be replaced.

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    Default Re: rear shock replacement

    I don't have any pics, plus I never did it on a sedan, but I don't think its any different. Its held in place by 2 bolts, one below (17mm I think), and one above. For us hatches, we have to remove a lot of interior parts to get to that bolt, but since its in your trunk, it might be a little easier. To remove the top nut, you'll need 2 wrenches; one to hold the shock, and the other to turn the nut. I used vice-grips to hold the shock in place.

    Once you remove both shocks, you can remove it from below. You'll probably need to jack the car up to get it out. Don't forget that you'll have to transfer the black plastic bumpstop sleeve from the old shock to the new one.

    Hope this helps.


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