How to program ignition key (w/chip inside)?
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    Default How to program ignition key (w/chip inside)?

    When I purchased my car they only had 1 key. I have a friend who works at a Ford dealership and he said he could cut me a deal on the key, but not the labor to program it. He also stated he thought I could be programed it as long as I had another key. I won't go into detail with his 1/2 assed instructions...Just thought someone might know what he was talking about. Something along the lines of insert key turn on turn off yada yada yada. Didn't make sense because I don't know how I could turn the switch on with a key that is not programmed.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: How to program ignition key (w/chip inside)?

    im pretty sure that will tell how to do it

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    Default Re: How to program ignition key (w/chip inside)?

    In order to program an additional key yourself, you must already have two keys. If you only have one key, you have to pay the dealer to do it for you. You can have anybody cut the key for you, but the dealer must re-program the PATS system to accept the new key.


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