Caliper bolts, what size?
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    Default Caliper bolts, what size?

    I am doing my brakes this weekend, and I need to know what size bolt holds on the front and rear calipers. I have a caliper compressor, but is there anything holding the rotor to the hub, or is it floating? Are there any special tools needed? Thanks for any help!
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    Default Re: Caliper bolts, what size?

    It's a floating rotor. You will have to knock it loose though.

    Caliper slide pins: 7mm Hex(Allen) head, 28 Nm
    Caliper carrier bracket: 15mm bolts, 133 Nm
    bleeder nipple: 9mm

    Caliper slide pin "spring" mount: 13mm bolt + 15mm nut on caliper bracket, 35 Nm
    Caliper carrier bracket 13mm bolt, 55 Nm
    bleeder nipple: 8mm

    You will need a rear caliper piston tool to turn the piston as it goes in. With the bleeder open, a little elbow grease while turning will make it go in without a c-clamp. For the front piston, a regular c-clamp will work fine. I've been told that it is recommended to keep the bleeder open when compressing the pistons, as you do not want brake fluid flowing backwards through the ABS. Others seem to have not had a problem though.

    You will have better luck with a particularly thin 15mm wrench on the rear caliper slide boot, as a standard width wrench usually gets stuck before the bolt is fully torqued.
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    Default Re: Caliper bolts, what size?

    this really helped me out when i did my front brakes:
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