ABS problem after replacing front bearing
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    Default ABS problem after replacing front bearing

    I just replaced rt side front bearing and hub on my 01 ZX3. I used Ford parts and had a shop press the new components into the spindle. According to another thread I had them press the bearing in with the black ring facing in towards the ABS sensor. Now the ABS activates every time I hit the brakes. The brakes work fine with the sensor removed from the spindle but of course the idiot light is now on. Could they have damaged the bearing when they installed it or do you usually have to replace the sensor that bolts into the spindle too?

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    Default Re: ABS problem after replacing front bearing

    No, the wheel speed sensor in the spindle doesn't normally have to be replaced when the wheel bearing and sensor ring is replaced.

    I tend to agree that the shop damaging the sensor ring is a very likely possibility.


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