SVT Focus:OIL PAN gasket leaks (below main seal)
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    Default SVT Focus:OIL PAN gasket leaks (below main seal)

    My 2003 SVT Focus is now in transmission shop having the complete clutch job (Luk flywheel, rear main seal etc.) however they showed me the oil pan gasket is leaking below the mounting plate for the rear main seal. The shop say it will take them 14 MORE hours to replace= $1,200 labor!!! They also said it can only be done with transaxle out of car. I looked at non-Ford repair manual and it does not say remove the transaxle, only to remove cat converter, drain oil and drop the oil pan (which is a very large aluminum casting below the iron engine block). Please can someone with experience tell me if it is as simple as my manual says AND can be done by me without removing the transaxle? HELP soon as I have to tell them what to do Monday morning. If anyone can send me the piece of Ford manual on replacing the oil pan gasket that would also help.

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    Default Re: SVT Focus:OIL PAN gasket leaks (below main seal)

    Steps from 04 Ford manual:

    1. Remove the catalytic converter
    2. Drain the engine
    3. Remove oil pan retaining bolts
    4. Use slide hammer to remove oil pan to prevent damage to sealing surface.
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    Default Re: SVT Focus:OIL PAN gasket leaks (below main seal)

    if its the oil pan, its very easy. If its the rear main seal CARRIER, trans has to be removed.
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    Default Re: SVT Focus:OIL PAN gasket leaks (below main seal)

    (Not REALLY a hijack since this question involves changing out my oil pan...although it is on a different car)

    I have a 2003 ZX3 with a zetec engine. I was told at a shop that my oil pan has rusted and is leaking so I need to replace it. I've searched these forums a lot on the subject and always see the same steps :

    1) drain oil
    2) remove cat
    3) remove pan bolts
    4) drop pan and replace

    Seems pretty easy! My question is...what can I expect when tackling the catalytic converter? I mean, will it be obvious for me to figure it out once I get under the car or is there some trick involved? Is it bolted together to the rest of the exhaust system or is everything welded together??

    Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to exhaust, but if I can get the thing out without having to reach for a cutting torch, I'm all for doing it myself.


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