I have a 2001 zx3

To start, I have a trunk leak located in the corner of my trunk. If you open the trunk and look at the left corner closes to the hatch, there is a puddle of water that keeps forming when it rains.

I believe it may be coming from the black rubber stopper located near this location. While installing under glow previously, a whole was drilled in the black rubber stopper. The under glow has since been uninstalled and I was left with a hole. I sealed this whole with tape and Teflon glue material, as well as bondo. I am quite sure the whole is sealed up but my trunk still leaks.

In addition, I have a wings west mid tail installed on the hatch. I have thoroughly inspected the screw holes. One screw is rusted but water does not leak through it.

Any ideas where this may be coming from? I noticed some rust near my bumper which I plan on fixing when I get back home in a few weeks but I have to take off the bumper to do that.

Anyone had this experience or can help?