Rust on tailgate
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    Default Rust on tailgate

    I've recently noticed some rust on my 2000 focus 2.0 ESP. This is on the tailgate at the bottom lip and extends for about 15cm sideways, and around the lip for ~4mm both sides. It's not that visible being mostly under the surface, but has penetrated in one spot about 5mm wide,

    The car's been regularly serviced by ford dealer, but never anything specific to rust.

    I assume the "rust warranty" won't cover this.

    I'm also thinking I should probably get it sorted before it gets worse. I don't believe it's anywhere close to the metal rusting totally through. Asuming I'll hand this to a professional is this likely to be an expensive job? Paint is silver metallic.
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    Default Re: fust on tailgate

    I hate when I get fust on my tailgate.
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    Default Re: fust on tailgate

    lol.. I'll fix yer title
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    Default Re: Rust on tailgate

    Since obviously, you didn't get any help...

    The bodyshop should be able to grind all that mess down and seal it off so that it won't come back or spread.....provided they do the job right.

    If the rust is on your liftgate, then the whole lift gate will need to be repainted. I would expect the price to be around $200-$350 US Dollars.

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