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    Default Re: OEM Focus RS Brake and Suspension kit

    Brakes dont work without the RS knuckles. Which are a different diameter then svt or se. I do however have quite a few rear brake kits. They are NOT exactly the same as the SVT but they work... Im short parking brake cables though. I dont know if you guys found a source yet but as of right now I only have a few and they are to be sold with the entire RS kit only.

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    Default Re: OEM Focus RS Brake and Suspension kit

    So you have the whole kit to convert a SVT to RS brakes??

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    Default Re: OEM Focus RS Brake and Suspension kit

    Yeah I know this is about as clear as mud. Im going to clean up this forum very soon. Presently RS brakes cannot be fitted to an SVT. I can supply entire brake kits however....

    1. RS FRONT brakes require RS knuckles. Caliper mounting location is much different then SVT knuckles.

    2. RS knuckles require RS hubs. The bearing ID is a touch larger then a focus (interestingly enough identical to cougar,contour)

    3. RS hubs require RS half shafts. The splines are different and the half shaft length is quite a bit longer to allow for the wider stance.

    4. RS half shafts will not work with the 6 speed in an SVT.

    5. RS knuckles have a larger diameter hole for the strut. RS specific struts are required.

    SO.... unfortunately you have to buy the whole kit if you dont have an SVT and if you do it wont work at all. Im going to be working on the half shafts soon. Expect news.

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    Default Re: OEM Focus RS Brake and Suspension kit

    Hate to be the guy that brings such an old thread back to life. But, I just bought an 04 with a duratec and an automatic with the rs hubs, that a shop removed the driver axle and tried to replace with a stock focus unit. The stock focus halfshaft is of course too small for the splines of the rs hub. What axle might have been used? I know the kit was only supposed to be for the mtx75.

    If I have to I will most likely try to make a focus/contour hybrid axle.

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