If you need to replace your stereo head unit, read this first!!!
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    Exclamation If you need to replace your stereo head unit, read this first!!!

    We've been seeing a lot of people out there that are trying to replace their factory Ford car stereos with another Ford stereo. Please don't unless you are dead set on staying with a factory setup. Chances are, the Ford stereo you replace it with will die, too.

    Some of the Ford stereos are great and issue-free, but 9/10 aftermarket setups will be more reliable and produce much better sound through the factory speakers. I have a 2002 SVT Focus with the 9006 Audiophile head unit. By the time my extended warranty expired (6 years), I was on my 7th replacement head unit Replacing it with a used unit on eBay would cost about $200, and depending on what's wrong, almost the same cost to ship it away to be repaired.

    My only logical choice was to replace it with an aftermarket unit. Most electronics stores have plenty of nice choices for $150 and under that will satisfy the needs of most people. A lot of stores also offer free installation, but may or may not charge you for stuff like dashboard adapters and wiring harness adapters. These parts can commonly cost $30 or more depending on what kind of car you have. Luckily, the adapters for the Focus are economical and should not cost any more than $40.

    I have always used Crutchfield (www.crutchfield.com) for purchasing aftermarket car stereos. Their prices and selection are significantly better than the electronics stores and if you spend $129 or more, you get free shipping and all the adapters and a wonderful set of illustrated installation instructions that is specific to your car. Seriously, I've been buying from these guys for 20 years and they are a real class act. Superb customer service, too. If you feel uncomfortable installing your own stereo, I'm sure a friend, neighbor, or local Jetter would be able to help you out or do it for you.

    Here is the Sony I purchased and installed myself to replace the factory Ford stereo:

    This one has a USB port on the front where I put an 8gb thumb drive. The thumb drive has about 140 albums on it, so it more than makes up for the lack of having a 6-disc changer anymore. It sounds much better than the factory stereo, too.

    The options are endless with aftermarket stereos, too. Bluetooth, navigation, DVD, iPod/iPhone connects, etc., etc.

    For those with systems that have factory amplified subwoofers, there are ways to integrate that into the new stereo. Just make sure you buy one that has a subwoofer output. I was able to integrate my factory amplified subwoofer with awesome threads like this one here on the 'Jet. If you also have steering wheel or steering column mounted stereo controls, there are adapters you can purchase that will allow you to retain those controls. Crutchfield does carry them, as do a lot of electronics stores.

    I just wanted to throw this out there as a bit of a public service announcement to try to help out. I know there are some others that would like to see something like this turn into a sticky for the I.C.E. forum, and if it helps a couple people, then it's worth it. If anyone has any additions or edit suggestions, please post them.

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    Default Re: If you need to replace your stereo head unit, read this first!!!

    well said... knock on wood... 6yrs of ownership since new with my svt and 47k miles and i have only had to replace the audiophile once. If it does go out, aftermarket will be the way to go for sure.
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    Default Re: If you need to replace your stereo head unit, read this first!!!

    I bought a Pioneer off of Crutchfield for $169.99, that included S&H, dash plate, wireing harnass, antenna adapter, remote, install guide, 3 months of tech support, 1 year warranty, and $20 of my next purchase... Bought a 16gig Jump drive from wal-mart for $40...The stero has front/rear Ipod jacks, and a 3 foot USB cable (to run into your govebox)...It can reconize up to a 250gig external hard drive but trust me I tried that it took to long to load...Nice Deal!!!!!!! I love it
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    Default Re: If you need to replace your stereo head unit, read this first!!!

    ive bee nthrough three,lol. all replaced by ford. after the warranty was up i wen aftermarket. no need for me to go back either.
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