e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?
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    Question e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?

    with increasing gas prices, i was wondering if we can use ethanol in our 200-2004 focuses, slit port or zetec without ruining them or modifying them?

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    Default Re: e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?

    gas milage goes down when using e85... my k1500 was setup about the same as a tahoe i saw tested that wasn't flex fuel and they experianced a 25% loss in MPG durring testing.

    the price difference between e85 and unleaded wasn't enough for me to give it a shot but from what i heard flex fuel vehicles are setup to handle the gas as its can damage fuel lines etc... but in the above mentioned test it did not damage the vehicle it had the oposite effect and cleaned the engine.

    without mods it caused the engine to miss a little... a company in brazil makes a deal that you plug into your fuel injectors that delays them long enough to get rid of that miss. that was a $500 investment for that truck so i never went down that road.

    i haven't re-visted the idea of running e85 since.
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    Default Re: e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?

    I don't recall anything in the manual; however, the EPA, automakers, and other fuel/environmental groups have been locked in a debate and now lawsuit whether the EPA should certify E85 for vehicles between 2001 and 2006. There should be something from the EPA this month (January 2011).
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    Default Re: e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?

    From what I understand, bigger injectors, a brand new fuel pump (so that you do not mix the gas), and stainless fuel lines (e85 will eventually eat away the rubber ones) and it would work. This is more beneficial for higher HP cars. You do get less gas mileage with E85 and if you do the calculations for cheaper gas and less mpg, it does NOT make e85 worth it.

    However, as I said, on boosted cars it may be beneficial.

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    Default Re: e85 ethanol - will it work on a focus?

    If saving money is your goal, E85 probably isn't the answer. As stated already, your mileage will drop by as much as 25%, not to mention the possile damage to your engine.
    IMO, the whole E85 thing is a scam. It costs more to produce than it is worth, hence the heavy gov't subsidies. It also produces more pollution to make it than it reduces by using it. Be nice to your engine and burn gasoline.

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