[HELP - 2001 Ford Focus] Inner/Outer tie rod replacement
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    Question [HELP - 2001 Ford Focus] Inner/Outer tie rod replacement


    I am trying to replace the driver-side: inner tie rod boot, inner tie rod, and outer tie rod, on a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3.
    I have successfully removed the outer tie rod, and the inner tie rod boot. Those weren't of much any difficulty.

    The problem:
    The ball-and-socket joint has no flat surfaces, no "hex" to grab, or anything else. It is a smooth sphere. I am under the impression it is the ORIGINAL 10 year old part. No "special removal tool" will grab onto it (EG: Crow foot wrench).

    How am I supposed to go about removing it (inner tie rod) from the steering rack without damaging anything? I have seen suggestions from scouring the internet. Some suggest you use a pipe wrench, others, a pair of channel-lock pliers. There is a very limited amount of room, though. Making everything very difficult!

    Here are three images of how it looks currently (used a spotlight):
    - 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 - DRIVER SIDE

    Thank you to anyone who can help, in advance. It's heavily appreciated.

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    Default Re: [HELP - 2001 Ford Focus] Inner/Outer tie rod replacement

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    Default Re: [HELP - 2001 Ford Focus] Inner/Outer tie rod replacement

    I just took mine out a couple days ago. Used a pipe wrench, and it was super slick. Crank the wheel all the way so whichever one you want is sticking out as much as possible.

    Oh yeah, since I was doing them anyway, I removed the sway bar end links and control arm for a little more clearance. May be helpful if you're stuck
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    Default Re: [HELP - 2001 Ford Focus] Inner/Outer tie rod replacement

    Ditto what spots just said but let me carify, you don't need to remove any of the suspension bits. I used a 10in pipe wrench and it came off in no time!


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