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    Hey everyone, I just picked up a 2016 SE hatch last night. This will replace my old 2001 Focus SE Sedan which was in my family since new. Ol' black beauty gave us 15 years and 227k miles before there was just too much wrong to justify repairs. As for the new ride we ended up with the hatch in Blue Candy with the ecoboost 3 and the 6 speed manual. My 60 mile review is quite positive. This is basic transportation for me. I would have loved an ST or RS but there's no way I could justify the cost. Other than the ecoboost the car has zero options but it's still a massive upgrade from 2001. The little 3 cylinder doesn't feel particularly powerful but it doesn't feel any worse than my old zetec did. Only mild occasional turbo lag that I have noticed. The 6 speed gearbox I find to be smooth and crisp. The car has way more standard features than I expected for my basic transportation. Of course that is likely just a result of me being out of touch with what new cars have these days. It's a pretty sweet ride for someone not used to driving a new car. I don't drive very much each week but I'll try to check in in a few weeks and let you all know how it's going. Maybe I'll go snap a picture of it too.
    Blue Candy '16 Focus EcoBoost 6 spd

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    was forced to buy a new car 2 weeks ago I hit a deer head on destroyed my 2008 Taurus. thankfully the car was built like a tank but the damage exceeded the worth of the car, so I found a 2016 dark grey focus with black factory alloy wheels with the 2.0 liter motor which is good on power but not great but the gas mileage is 44 mpg. over all seems to be a very impressive little car, handles like a dream could use the ST power but that would land me in trouble. I have owned modded turbo saabs in the past and have received a fair amount of speeding tickets so those days I hope are over.


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