Exhaust removal 2.3 pzev
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    Default Exhaust removal 2.3 pzev

    Trying to remove the stock header from a 2.3 pzev Focus. I have found a few threads of people taking them out which they say to take it out through the top of the engine bay although it doesn't seem there is room. Which makes me question if the postings I have found are 2.3 non-pzev Focus exhaust as it is never mentioned. The exhaust right now is cut after the flex pipe and the manifold seems way to big to come out through the top unless the engine mounts are removed and the engine is dropped a few inches.

    Would someone chime in and say how they got their stock header out of a 2.3 pzev Focus?

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    Default Re: Exhaust removal 2.3 pzev

    I got the one out from my 2.0 PZEV that way. Just had to move some of the lines/ that canister thing out of the way up top first.

    If you need more room you can always undo the mount to frame rail bolts for the motor mount and slide the whole engine to the front of the car a little
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    Default Re: Exhaust removal 2.3 pzev

    Thanks for the reply, even though I have been staring at that canister being in my way all day I didn't think to unhook it and the heat shield.


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