MK1 Front Subframe Swap
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    Default MK1 Front Subframe Swap

    Has anyone tried swapping the subframe from a MK2 and put it on a MK1? I have an '05 that needs a new ball joint but due to the previous driver hitting a few curbs, I'm thinking about taking the front subframe from a '10 and see if I can do a quick and dirty upgrade of everything in the front end. I work in a salvage yard and have many MK2s available (one MK3 also) and was just curious to see if anyone has attempted this. I've owned a '02 that I upgraded with '05 ST and '07 parts so I'm well aware of the differences in the MK1 but I have never looked into the MK2s until now. In the meantime I'm going to fix the one bad control arm but with everything that I have available to me, this could be a could summer project for me and my son as it's going to be his first car. Thank you.
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    Default Re: MK1 Front Subframe Swap

    I have not, but it sounds like it could a good way to improve the front brakes, as long as everything lines up and bolts up. IIRC, there is a difference in the struts or the bolt pattern on the bearing cap, so you may have to make/fab some adjustments.

    Good luck with the project.
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