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    Hello all, new to this forum and hoping to get some input on some work I'll be doing on my grandmother's 02 focus zts. It's been sitting a while now and it's bummed me out that I couldn't help sooner but I just sank 3000 in my car and just finishing up with mine. So I'll be doing exhaust from flex on back, shift solenoid A, probably alternator, and just because of it sitting I would like to flush all fluids and change filters. From what I have read and seen the exhaust is bolted together and the solenoid you drop trans pan and it's plug and play. Any suggestions or input would be awesome!

    Some pics I took last min

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    Too bad about the pix not showing up (first time poster security block), but from your description it sounds like you have it figured out what you want to do. Check out CFM for aftermarket exhaust parts... steve@tasca (a sponsor here) is your best bet for stock parts.

    If you feel like refreshing your whole solenoid body, I have a newish one I will sell you for cheap... PM me if you want.
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