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Ford Performance Ford's new, global umbrella for Ford Racing, SVT, ST and Team RS.

Ford Focus RS Headquarters

Coming to the U.S. Finally.
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Ford Focus ST Headquarters

Looking for more in-depth Focus ST talk? Try our dedicated Focus ST forum: The Focus ST Network
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Ford SVT Focus Headquarters

Everything you need to know about the SVT Focus and European Focus ST170.
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TEAM Focaljet Community The Home of Serious Focus Enthusiasts.

New Member Introductions

New user? There are NO dumb questions here, ask away.
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TEAM Pit Stop

All Ford and Focus news as well as other general automotive topics.
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Post pics of YOUR rig here.
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Mk III Ford Focus The Third Generation Ford Focus - Global: 2012+

The New Focus

Anything, and everything, regarding the 2012+ Ford Focus.
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Ti-VCT Tuning

Tuning the new 2.0L GDI.
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MK III Suspension

Springs, dampers, coilovers, anti-roll bars and suspension tuning.
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MK III Exterior Modifications

Aftermarket exterior parts and mods.
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MK III Interior Modifications

Aftermarket interior parts and mods.
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Mk III Tech

Have a maintenance or DIY repair question about your 2012+ Focus? Just ask!
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Ford Focus Electric

Information, specs and more on the Focus Electric.
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Mk I Ford Focus The First Generation Ford Focus - Global: 1998-2004 / North America: 2000-2011

ECU Tuning

Duratec and Zetec ECU Tuning Questions, Maps & Information.
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Forced Induction & Nitrous

Talk about any form of Forced Induction (Turbos & Superchargers) and Nitrous Oxide
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Zetec Tuning

Performance for the Zetec 2.0L powerplant.
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Duratec Tuning

Modifying the new, powerful 2.3L and its little brother the 2.0L.
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SPI Tuning

Modifying the Split Port Injection 2.0L.
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Mk I Suspension

Springs, dampers, coilovers, anti-roll bars and suspension tuning.
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Shift It

MTX-75, Automagic and SVTF Getrag transmission junkies get your fix here.
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MK I Exterior Modifications

Wings, body kits, graphics, lights, tint, etc.
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Mk I Interior Modifications

Seats, shifters and knobs, gauges, etc.
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MK I Tech

Have a maintenance or DIY repair question about your MkI Focus? Just ask!
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Euro RS Conversion Garage

Want to make your US Focus into an RS replica? You're not alone.
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Focus Statement Cars

Sony, Kona, Street Edition, S2 and Mach Audio Edition.
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Ford Focus Style and Fabrication Make the most out of your builds.

Welding and Fabrication

NEW! Teach, learn, and show off your metalworking and composite-forming custom projects here!
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Everything about being low and getting the correct wheel fitment to pull off the look. Sponsored by: fifteen52
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Focus on Detailing

Tips and Techniques to keep your car looking good.
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Focus Concepts

Official Ford concepts, Independent designs and Photoshop renderings
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Vendors These guys help make this site possible. Show them some love.

Vendor Deals

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Manufacturer of high performance components for your Focus | Sponsor since 2000
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Focaljet Classifieds Buy, Sell and Trade Ford Focus parts.


Engine and exhaust parts.
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Wheels, tires, brake, and suspension.
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All exterior and interior parts.
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Vehicles for Sale

Sell your Focus or other vehicles.
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Garage Sale

All non-automotive items.
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Ford Focus Motorsport We believe the Ford Focus makes a great race car. Stop in and see what all the buzz is about.

Focus Road Racing

Like to turn the wheel? Come on in.
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Focus Rallying and Rallycross

Exciting off-road racing.
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Focus Drag Racing

Discuss the art and science of the 1320.
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Forum Issues Something on the site not working correctly for you? Have a suggestion? Let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Suggestion Box

A place to suggest modifications and additions to the forums.
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Forum Troubleshooting

Report any Focaljet website or messageboard issues here. Use the TEAM Tech or Problems/Service/Recalls forums to post about car related problems please.
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Off Topic Forums Discuss all non-automotive related topics here.

Computers and Gadgets

Everything you need to know about computers, home theater, MP3 players, etc.
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Post your photography and discuss cameras here.
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Sports and Fitness

All sports and fitness-related topics go here.
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  1. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Aloha all. I am aware of my o2 sensors but I just did head gasket and timing now I'm getting these. Any ideas? All wiring and connectors are good. Not sure where to go from here. Thanks
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, haven't been on here.
  3. Location: Chandler Heights, AZ Item Description: One (1) Pectel T2 ECU and associated wiring loom for a Zetec. I bought this off Ebay in 2006 from someone with the username 928Dennis that I assume was Dennis Hilliard. I had it sent to Giles Denning (formerly of Pectel Technologies) when I...
  4. It is sad to see this once great forum so dead, now that Focus is no longer in the US. I used to own a 2005 (post-facelift) ZX3 and was quite active here while I owned it (sadly no longer have access to that email and that account :( ) One of these ugly things :D (I stole this photo from the...
  5. TEAM Rigz
    Hey all, I have gotten a lot of knowledge, so I'm sharing what I have been up to. My build thread is over on FF, if you are interested. Not familiar with y'all over me out if it's in the wrong place. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
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