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Ford Performance Ford's new, global umbrella for Ford Racing, SVT, ST and Team RS.

Ford Focus RS Headquarters

Coming to the U.S. Finally.
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Ford Focus ST Headquarters

Looking for more in-depth Focus ST talk? Try our dedicated Focus ST forum: The Focus ST Network
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Ford SVT Focus Headquarters

Everything you need to know about the SVT Focus and European Focus ST170.
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TEAM Focaljet Community The Home of Serious Focus Enthusiasts.

New Member Introductions

New user? There are NO dumb questions here, ask away.
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TEAM Pit Stop

All Ford and Focus news as well as other general automotive topics.
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Post pics of YOUR rig here.
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Mk III Ford Focus The Third Generation Ford Focus - Global: 2012+

The New Focus

Anything, and everything, regarding the 2012+ Ford Focus.
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Ti-VCT Tuning

Tuning the new 2.0L GDI.
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MK III Suspension

Springs, dampers, coilovers, anti-roll bars and suspension tuning.
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MK III Exterior Modifications

Aftermarket exterior parts and mods.
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MK III Interior Modifications

Aftermarket interior parts and mods.
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Mk III Tech

Have a maintenance or DIY repair question about your 2012+ Focus? Just ask!
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Ford Focus Electric

Information, specs and more on the Focus Electric.
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Mk I Ford Focus The First Generation Ford Focus - Global: 1998-2004 / North America: 2000-2011

ECU Tuning

Duratec and Zetec ECU Tuning Questions, Maps & Information.
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Forced Induction & Nitrous

Talk about any form of Forced Induction (Turbos & Superchargers) and Nitrous Oxide
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Zetec Tuning

Performance for the Zetec 2.0L powerplant.
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Duratec Tuning

Modifying the new, powerful 2.3L and its little brother the 2.0L.
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SPI Tuning

Modifying the Split Port Injection 2.0L.
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Mk I Suspension

Springs, dampers, coilovers, anti-roll bars and suspension tuning.
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Shift It

MTX-75, Automagic and SVTF Getrag transmission junkies get your fix here.
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MK I Exterior Modifications

Wings, body kits, graphics, lights, tint, etc.
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Mk I Interior Modifications

Seats, shifters and knobs, gauges, etc.
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MK I Tech

Have a maintenance or DIY repair question about your MkI Focus? Just ask!
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Euro RS Conversion Garage

Want to make your US Focus into an RS replica? You're not alone.
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Focus Statement Cars

Sony, Kona, Street Edition, S2 and Mach Audio Edition.
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Ford Focus Style and Fabrication Make the most out of your builds.

Welding and Fabrication

NEW! Teach, learn, and show off your metalworking and composite-forming custom projects here!
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Everything about being low and getting the correct wheel fitment to pull off the look. Sponsored by: fifteen52
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ICE (In Car Entertainment)

Audio, Security, DVD, and video game installs.
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Focus on Detailing

Tips and Techniques to keep your car looking good.
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Focus Concepts

Official Ford concepts, Independent designs and Photoshop renderings
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Vendors These guys help make this site possible. Show them some love.

Vendor Deals

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Manufacturer of high performance components for your Focus | Sponsor since 2000
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Focaljet Classifieds Buy, Sell and Trade Ford Focus parts.


Engine and exhaust parts.
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Wheels, tires, brake, and suspension.
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All exterior and interior parts.
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Vehicles for Sale

Sell your Focus or other vehicles.
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Garage Sale

All non-automotive items.
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Ford Focus Motorsport We believe the Ford Focus makes a great race car. Stop in and see what all the buzz is about.

Focus Road Racing

Like to turn the wheel? Come on in.
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Focus Rallying and Rallycross

Exciting off-road racing.
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Focus Drag Racing

Discuss the art and science of the 1320.
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Forum Issues Something on the site not working correctly for you? Have a suggestion? Let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Suggestion Box

A place to suggest modifications and additions to the forums.
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Forum Troubleshooting

Report any Focaljet website or messageboard issues here. Use the TEAM Tech or Problems/Service/Recalls forums to post about car related problems please.
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Off Topic Forums Discuss all non-automotive related topics here.

General Off Topic

General Off Topic items that don't fall into one of the sub-categories.
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News and Debate

Current Events, Religion and Politics.
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Movies and Television

A place to discuss movies and television shows.
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Talk about your favorite bands and songs.
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Computers and Gadgets

Everything you need to know about computers, home theater, MP3 players, etc.
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Video Games

Talk about the latest video games here. Both PC and console.
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Post your photography and discuss cameras here.
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Sports and Fitness

All sports and fitness-related topics go here.
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