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$1500 US Shipped anywhere in the lower 48 or Canada!
$1500 US *includes Paypal fees*
$1500 No real room for negotiation!

I just got burned on a Paypal transaction where I let the Buyer arrange shipping on their own terms(to make it cheaper for them) aaand they filed a claim that I didn't ship it! I ended up losing $200 to fees so this time I am including shipping, because with Paypal the Seller is *ALWAYS* responsible for shipping.

UPGRADES: GT28 Turbine to GT2871R
UPGRADES: 42Lb injectors to 60Lb injectors.

I bought the kit off the original owner and I never got around to installing it because I bought it just before my car had serious engine issues(leaky rear main seal issues). Eventually I bought a second car and over a year later I scrapped the Focus. The kit has less than 15 hours of use on it, and was originally purchased in 2011. I bought it in 2014, and I can include what the original owner had to say about it at the time.

EVERYTHING IS PACKAGED AND READY TO GO. I haven't had a Focus for a year now, no point holding onto this!

Here's the original ad I posted to Facebook back in 2016, prior to the first time I sold the kit:

Piping needs to be refinished, it's been sitting in my shed for 3 years now and it shows. No play in turbo. Everything is low mileage and came off a car that blew it's engine! NEEDS TO GO, I'm tired of having it take up space. 100% Complete kit, upgraded injectors, tuner, intercooler, the fittings, turbine. Fits SVT Zetec with minor modifications (and I have one that could potentially be included)

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