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Save 20% on your Carlisle Ford Nationals 2015 Showfield Registration.

We all know Carlisle Ford Nationals is right around the corner and as tradition the annual Focus Rising event for 2015 is once again set to take place at the 2015 Edition of the Carlisle Ford Nationals. The Event will be taking place June 5th-7th this year and will be another of the biggest we've had yet. Join over 3,000 Ford Showfield Vehicles along with 2,600 Vending Spaces and 66,000+ Attendees at the World's Largest All-Ford Event. From Mustangs to Merkurs, from Mercurys to Lincolns, and everything in between.

Starting Black Friday and running until the end of the year you can save 20% on your showfield pass upon checkout. There are also Multi-Show Discounts if you attend the Carlisle ST Rallye happening at Carlisle Performance & Style later in July. This is the largest savings deal of the entire year and you also get your showfield pass in the mail so you can cruise right in the gate and avoid the long registration lines.

When Registering as part of the Focus Rising 2015 Event at Ford Nationals don't forget to select "Focus Rising" as your club name so the organizers can get an accurate head count for their activities.

To Register Click the Following Link!:

Also post up when you are registered! We'd love to see it!

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