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For sale: Various parts from my 2000 ZX3

Price: As listed, or best offer; plus shipping

Location: San Antonio, TX

Pictures available upon request.

My car threw a rod a few years ago (3 or 4). My original plans were to fix it, but I don't know when I'll have the time or money. I'll get about $100 from the junk yard, so, I'm parting it out to get some of my money back. I've only listed the pictured stuff, mostly aftermarket, but any other stock parts on the car are for sell. If you want any stock parts, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Not really interested in shipping bigger stuff (wheels, seats, body parts, etc.), but if you're local and can pick it up, that's fine. Some of it is kind of dirty, and I'll give it a quick wipe down before I ship it.

Heads up: This car has been sitting for a few years, and I'm not sure which stuff degrades over time (other than the air filter, lol). So, take that into consideration with any of this stuff. It was all functioning before my engine blew.

  • FSWerks Cool-Flo Intake, from when they were FocusSport. It's pretty much just the heatshield (the air filter disintegrated, new one from FSWerks). Includes silicone coupler - $50
  • Iceman intake tube (includes silicone - $50
  • SVT snorkel
  • Stock intake tube and snorkel (no box)
  • HTPerformance billet thermostat housing - $100
  • FC "Race" Short Throw Shifter - $50
  • MSD ignition coil
  • Eibach front sway bar - $100
  • Eibach rear sway-bar (not pictured, still on car) - $100
  • SVT rear sway-bar
  • Contour valve cover, silver powdercoat, w/ hardware
  • Early 2000 intake manifold
  • Underdrive pulley set (can't remember the brand, I will pull it this weekend and update post)
  • Some poly sway-bar bushings, I think for the stock sway-bars
  • Some other misc focus stuff I had in my garage

Imgur album of pictures

Let me know if you have any questions, or want more pictures, etc. Thanks.,
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