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Hi guys,

It absolutely pains me to do this, but I have to let go of the Focus that I have loved for the past six years.

She simply does not get driven and has just been covered in the garage for the last couple of years. I have of course maintained her the whole time (oil changes, spirited drives a few times a year, etc.) but she's not been my daily driver for over three years now.

I am the third owner of this car and her roots go back to a fellow enthusiast and (Focaljet member) moshaholic2 who bought her new in 2003.

I purchased her in November of 2013 from (Focaljet member) GreggPDX in Portland Oregon. I then drove her down to Arizona where I lived at the time and have had her ever since. In that time she's never seen a track or done any auto cross(ing?) events. I have simply enjoyed her as a daily driver and always put her away in the winter (when I lived in the state of Idaho).

I have done a few upgrades over the past six years but will mention those below.

Since not a lot has changed since 2013, I figured that I would copy and paste Gregg's original ad. The one that drew me to the car so many years ago...

***Gregg's ad on Focaljet***

I've enjoyed this car for many years, but it's time to move on. It's been a great car, and I'll really miss it. It has all the right parts, and there are many parts included to make it even better!

The car is a Twilight Blue 2003 Focus ZX3 with the 2.3l motor, 5 spd trans and FSWerks turbo kit. Mileage is 125K miles and the title is clean. I purchased the car from a fellow 'jetter (moshaholic2) in 2009 with about 60K miles.

Overall the car is in good condition, exterior has typical rock-chips and wear and tear. The paint on the hood is flaking directly over the turbo. It's because of heat, and my plan was to install a hood-vent to reduce temperature. Alternatively, heat wrap on the turbo or hood insulation would help. In any case, the hood needs to be repainted. Interior is also good, again with normal wear and tear. Car has always been garaged and it's a well-sorted, reliable car. Tires are Continental ExtremeContact DWS with about 50% tread.

I've always maintained it with genuine Ford parts, and always used synthetic oil. I don't abuse the car, it's a daily driver and I'm often driving with kids, so I'm very mellow. It's currently running the Stage 1 tune (8psi), but with the intercooler, it will support Stage 2, so for a $400 tune, you can add another 50hp.

The only mechanical issue with the car is the third gear syncro is getting weak. It shifts fine during normal driving, but if you shift fast at high RPM, you'll feel it grind. It's been like this for a couple years, and does not seem to be getting worse, probably because I rarely shift fast enough to cause it to happen. The only other issue is the rear window defroster is not working, probably a wiring issue.

The car has never been wrecked, but I did hit a dog about 2 years ago which damaged the ST170 bumper cover. The cover was replaced by insurance, along with one of the fog lights. Nothing else was damaged.

Modifications performed by original owner:

- FSWerks Stage 1 Turbo kit, installed and tuned by FSWerks
- Cosworth IM
- Custom 3" stainless exhaust
- SVT front and rear brakes
- SVT EAP wheels
- ST170 front end conversion
- RS wing
- Boost gauge
- VF dogbone mount
- Progress 22mm rear sway bar

Modifications I have made:

- Garrett-core FMIC custom fitted behind the ST170 bumper
- Torsen ATB differential installed December 2009
- Exedy stage 1 clutch and flywheel installed with Torsen
- Koni adjustable coilovers purchased used in January 2010 with approx. 30K miles on them.
- Innovate LM1 wideband and gauge
- Rear control arms and all hardware replaced January 2010 when installing coilovers.
- SVT front brake refresh full front caliper kit and hoses installed June 2012
- Passenger motor mount replaced December 2012
- New battery, just replaced.

Other Stuff included:

- Complete SVT subwoofer/amp and 2 covers
- SCT X2 Tuner, loaded with FSWerks Stage 1 tune, and "emissions" tune.
- All parts needed to pass ODB2 emissions testing, including a catted midpipe, O2 sensors and harness extenders, and air pump adapter. With these parts installed, and the emissions tune, the car has passed Oregon emissions testing twice.
- Scangauge II OBD2 gauge
- Strut Tower bar, not installed

***End Original Ad***

Things to touch on since I purchased the car from Gregg.

The milage is now at about 145K and the title is of course still clean.

I replaced the tires a couple of years ago with Falken Azenis FK453's which have more than 70% tread left.

The condition is exactly the same as when I took position of it. Good condition with normal wear and tear, but far from looking like a car from 2003, that's for sure. Living her whole life in a garage has certainly helped her stay looking new.

The paint on the hood that was cracking is exactly the same as it was in 2013. It hasn't gotten any worse and I never got around to having the hood repainted as I never installed a turbo blanket.

The interior has a full EAP Recaro swap from my old SVTF along with the subwoofer and amp. I never got around to wiring up the sub and amp, so they currently are just installed and look nice. Additionally, I didn't convert the windows to power (they're still hand crank) and the seat warmers are not connected even though the buttons are in the center console.

Just like Gregg, I have always used original Ford/Motorcraft parts and used Castrol or Mobile1 synthetic oil. The car is however now Stage 2 tuned at 11psi by Randy at FS Werks (prior to his departure to Mountune), which does give it an extra kick.

In regard to mechanical issues. The car does not have any whatsoever with the exception of the third gear synchro. This has been exactly the same as it was when I purchased it from Gregg. It has not gotten any worse and as long as you don't slam it into third under heavy load, it's just fine.
I originally thought that I would have it replaced when it got bad enough but it never did. It's perfect fine and does not occur unless you're extremely hard on it.

The rear window defrost is still not working.
I never cared enough to look into that.

Modifications that I (Chris) have made:

- Rear ST170 Bumper and crash bar (including foam) - (OEM Ford of Europe)
- Strut Tower Bar (installed)
- Stage 2 FS Werks tune
- EAP Recaro interior swap (excellent condition) - (minus power windows/locks)
- Alpine single CDA-9887 head unit for iPod

Other Stuff included:

- Complete SVT subwoofer/amp and 2 covers
- SCT X2 Tuner, loaded with FSWerks Stage 2 tune, and "emissions" tune.
- All parts needed to pass ODB2 emissions testing, including a catted midpipe, O2 sensors and harness extenders, and air pump adapter. With these parts installed, and the emissions tune, the car has passed Arizona and Idaho emissions testing multiple times.
- Scangauge II OBD2 gauge
- Misc. extra parts from the last two owners

***UPDATE: I am asking $6,000 OBO***

For what it's worth, if it wasn't for life changes and the need to downsize, I would not part with this car. I originally planned to keep it for my son and I to drive together when he is older. I sincerely planned to keep this car for a very long time and as I said in the beginning, it truly pains me to have to let her go. I have been a member on here since 2008 and have never found such an awesome car and enthusiast base like you guys. I will truly miss it.

All that to be said, I really think that there is someone out there like me that will love and be super excited to have the rare 2.3l Turbo Duratec Mk1 ZX3. Someone that will be ecstatic every time they hear the flutter of the wastegate, spool of the turbo, and pop of the exhaust on a cool evening on a backroad somewhere.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer.

Thanks guys,

- Chris

PS: Posting pictures shortly of what I have on hand. More pictures to come of the interior, ect.
If you want a picture of something specific, please let me know and I'll be happy to pm.

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a. Your Item Description - 2003 Focus ZX3 2.3 Duratec - FSWerks Turbo
b. Your Location - Simi Valley, CA
c. Your Asking Price - $6,000 OBO ***UPDATED***
d. Any Related Photos (Optional) - Posting shortly
e. Person placing ad - Me (Chris - RallyWerks)
f. Contact Information - PM me for direct contact info

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