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Your Location: Lebanon, PA / Mount Laurel, NJ
Item Description: 2004 ZX3 2.3L, dark blue
Asking/Offering Price: $2000 OBO
Pics (if available): Will get some

This is Forbidden Doughnut's old car, I bought it from him back in late 2014. Basically the same as when he had it, with some maintenance done during my ownership. 201K miles. I am the second owner, purchased 12/14 with ~150K miles. Currently located in Lebanon, PA, but will be traveling to Mount Laurel, NJ next weekend. $2000 OBO. If this is a crackhead price let me know. I don't want to give this up, but current life situation has me in a spot where I don't have time or place to work on it. This is the updated version of his ad:

The good:
-Crane stage 1 cams, valve springs, retainers, new valve seals, new timing chain, guides, tensioner, oil pump chain and tensioner, new timing gears, ARP harmonic balancer bolt at 150,xxx miles (June 2014, previous owner)
-65 mm throttle body
-Cosworth CAI
-Cosworth BSD
-F2 oil pan baffle
-FSWerks Xcal-2 with off-the-shelf 93 octane tune (also a Tom's 93 octane tune)
-FRPP/Borla exhaust with high flow cat welded in (where the OEM one was)
-New ford transmission installed at 97,xxx miles with professionally installed T2 LSD and 4.06 gears
-This is a highlight of the car, seriously. Gearing is great, and that LSD is fantastic.
-New Exedy OEM clutch/flywheel kit installed at 97,xxx miles
-Poly insert in the transmission mount
-Ford racing short throw shifter
-SVT suspension (shocks, springs, sways) including some poly bushings, rear shock bushings, front upper and lower stress bars, front wheel bearings, front ARP wheel studs, front hubs, inner and outer tie rod ends, alignment, and probably a few other things I forgot (November 2013 ~120,xxx miles, previous owner)
-I replaced a few of the rear control arms last year and did an alignment at the time. Haven't had issues since.
-SVT front brakes with (I think) Powerstop Z23 pads and new rotors done when I bought the car
-Rear TCE brake upgrade (2-piece 11.75" rotors) installed at ~120,xxx miles
-I think I have some rear SVT OEM-sized rotors floating around also, but the current ones still have plenty of meat
-RS shift knob
-Aluminum hood (Seriously! This was some one-off prototype thing the previous owner got from a Ford engineer somehow)
-Ford front lip...not SVT, I'm not certain what the proper term for this one is...might be Mustang? (previous owner)
-MK 1.5 black valve cover
-New valve cover gasket (couple months ago)
-New OEM passenger motor mount (couple months ago)
-OEM 16" wheels (aesthetically beat, but they are round and balance, used as snow wheels), no tires
-Never been in an accident
-Fenders rolled
-Autocrossed only once (I was actually signed up for an autocross in 3 weeks! Damn!)
-SVT HVAC surround
-6 disk changer...I haven't used this in forever but I assume it works (per previous owner, I never tried it)
-No rust/rot that is beyond light surface rust, it is generally rust free and looks decent after it has a bath
-New-ish starter (Spring 2014, previous owner)
-New alternator (last year?)
-New headlights (very recently, just due to plastic clouding over beyond refinishing
-New Ford O2 sensors (1-2 installed, other in a bag from previous owner)
-New Ford synthetic MTF (couple months ago)
-New crank position sensor (previous owner)
-Fuel filter at 150,xxx miles
-Newer serpentine belt, tensioner, idler (unsure of mileage)
-New PCV valve (previous owner)
-Trailer hitch and wiring harness installed
-SVT spare wheel/tire (to fit over brakes)

The bad:
-Black TD pro race 1 wheels 17x7...not hubcentric, rings included (if I can find them) currently on GT Radial UHP1 Champiro tires and one Fuzeon something or other
-NJ roads were NOT kind to these. I cracked 2 wheels [luckily car came with 2 spares!] and suspect a 3rd may be cracked. I was planning on getting a replacement set of wheels.
-IM tumble flaps removed, runners de-burred (*CEL that cannot be removed due to this...sort of. I tried with the Tom's tune, and the CEL went away but NJ emissions wouldn't recognize the ECU with it. I've been driving around with the CEL. The real solution is to replace the IM)
-The exhaust rattles against the rear suspension. Not problematic, but annoying.
-The oil pan is weeping a bit
-AC works, but compressor has been coming on a lot, might need a recharge
-Paint on the hood looks like ****. Previous owner had a buddy respray it, the primer wasn't right, it flaked off big time. I didn't bother doing anything about it.
-Paint on the bottom of the front fenders has flaked off and has surface rust (like that from previous owner)
-The front lip has a ~3" crack from a chunk of ice the previous owner encountered during a bad winter storm
-Hood prop grommet disintegrated, so it flops around a little when moving it from secured position to hood up
-Rip in the carpet (under driver's side floor mat behind driver's seat)
-Rip in driver's side floor mat
-Spilled oil on carpet behind passenger front seat, mostly cleaned up but could use a good carpet cleaning...or really replacement with the rip on the driver's side
-Passenger rear interior panel is peeling up in a spot

The REALLY bad:
-The primary reason I'm now getting rid of the car: the engine has started making a clattering noise in the head when it revs up. I have no idea what it is, how bad it is, etc. Oil was a little low, but topping off did not alleviate noise. Despite the noise the car still drives great, but I'm worried about it breaking on me and don't have time to work on it. For the moment I will continue driving it as I have no choice, but as soon as I get the new car legal I'll park this one.

I aim to be as completely and brutally honest as possible when selling stuff, so feel free to ask any questions. Pics will be forthcoming.
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