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After two successful years guiding Focus Rising to 1st Place in the Club Challenge at the Ford Nationals, Ron Myers and Jason Hodges have stepped down as co-organizers. Moving forward, they elected two new members of the Focus enthusiast community to carry the torch into 2015 and beyond.

Effective Nov. 1, 2014 the new co-organizers for Focus Rising are Kevin Vitolo and Charles Thompson. Both bring a passion for the Focus scene and platform that will assure that this event will be in good hands.

Ron and Jason would like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors of FR12 and FR13 for all their help and encouragement that allowed the event to continue after the transition from the founder of Focus Rising, Ken Appell.

Ron Myers (Focaljet-1 on
Jason Hodges (Ataru on
Kevin Vitolo (Saucymuffin on
Charles Thompson (ChazimusZX4ST on
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