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As the title mentioned, I'm comin back. Been gone for 14 months and with 6 or so weeks to go, I'm ready.... but..... I'm lookin for some focus fans in Hawaii to have me help with or help me with there cars... maybe some events? My car is looking pretty stock right now but, I ordered MACH HID's, KW Coilovers, Euro Grill, New Yellow HID fog lights, Borla exhaust, CFM Highflow cat, MSD Pack with wires and plugs, CFM ST shifter, 65mm TB, Steeda Intake w/ heat shield, All new mounts and bushings, Eibach sway bars, Xcal2, CFM strut bars.... well, I didn't make want to make this a love myself post, I posted all this stuff to find out if anyone would be willing to help out another focus fan with some install or know of a shop to help me do it? I really just want to get back home and drive my car. I can't wait.


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Easy Installs
MSD Pack with wires and plugs, A screw and remembering which wire went where… not too difficult
CFM ST shifter, I installed my own and im mechanically retarded. They give you all the tools you need plus the best directions possible.
65mm TB, 4 bolts, just use caution when removing the TPS because its been known to break easily.
Xcal2, 10 minutes and the OBD port. Too easy!
CFM strut bars6 screws… looks pretty but doesn’t do anything
Steeda Intake w/ heat shield, Don’t know about the steeda specifically but generally CAI’s are pretty damn easy.
Euro Grill, Dunno but it cant be tooo hard

Slightly More difficult
Borla exhaust, requires cutting and a pair of extra hands. Can be done in a home garage but its so much easier to take it to midas or something and have them do both at the same time.
CFM Highflow cat, Rusty bolts breaking off is a common problem. Make sure to soak the bolts in pb blaster for a few hours beforehand so that things come out easier. Still a pain in the ass though

Professional Help Required
All new mounts and bushings, Motor mounts are easy enough, but the bushings will need a press to get most of them out and back in
KW Coilovers, Requires an alignment afterwards so you’re better off having the shop do it.
Eibach sway bars, Rears are pretty easy to install, the front is a major PITA

I’d have this farmed out too..
New Yellow HID fog lights,
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