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I am floored. How in the hell did they manage to screw this up? What ever happened to ripping the music from your disk and storing it in the memory?

Don't get me wrong; I'll probably make use of the USB option, but besides that the only way to play background music is to stream it in one fashion or another. Give me a break! On top of that, I bet every step of using a USB drive will be met with Adverts to get a Groove subscription. That's what Microsoft does on the windows phone whenever I play music I loaded from my PC. Screw that!

And so you can see what I am going on about...

No quiero! :thumbdown:

And another thing. Why don't they make use of the USB Keyboard and have the media keys act as controls for the player, so one does not have to interrupt the game they are playing, just to skip to the next track? The media keys do not work on the Xbox One, but I am sure the system can see that they are being pressed. Why not make use of them with the music player. And while they are at it, use those extra keys to jump to the internet, take screen shots and access the help screen. They are all keys found on most standard keyboards. Put them to use.

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