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I've googled and searched for the past week, and no real luck.

Tuesday, I parked my car after a short (1-2 minute) drive, and ran in to grab lunch. Walked out, and it would not start. Battery seemed strong - would play radio, blew air, etc. When tried to start, it would not do anything, and it would go dead.

I googled, and it fit what I thought was a PATS issue, so I disconnected battery lead for 15 minutes, and reconnected it. It started up fine.

Fast forward to yesterday. Went to go to work, and no start. Again, the battery seemed strong (had been driving fine the past couple of days), but no crank. It sounded like it was trying to (would click) so I figured it might have just been a weak battery.

It then started rapidly flashing the PATS light in the instrument cluster, and did the same as prior (would run the electrics, but only in "ON").

And now, due to trying to start the vehicle, the battery is dead.

I've narrowed it to three issues:

1. Something PATS related, whether it's the key, or the reciever.
2. Battery is weak, and it just finally gave up (just replaced earlier in the year - I believe late January).
3. Ignition switch is bad.

any thoughts?
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