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Been playing this and so far have run a Mini Cooper S, BMW M3, Focus RS and a Ford GT. Won a Mini Cooper S RYF (whatever that is) and just bought a Ford Mustang Cobrajet (modern Mustang, and I'm not sure it exists).

Fairly realistic drag racing, there's a throttle button you feather and a green light on the tach for "optimal launch" and a red wheel spin indicator (once you're on the gas it's wide open throttle, feathering only for launch). Get the RPM's too high and you'll spin in 2 gears (at least) and lose the race.

Use the nitros in too low a gear and also spin the tires. Too high and won't be as effective.

Not ever really liked the 1/4 mile (some races are 1/2 mile), but it's a decent enough (addictive!) app.
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