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Unsure how to register for Focus Rising? Well, we've got you covered. Take advantage of 20% OFF by registering before December 31! Registering early is an easy way to avoid the long lines at the showfield as your showfield pass and registration information will be mailed to you 2-4 weeks prior to the event!

Step 1:
Click on this link:…

Step 2:
On the next page that enter your required information in the Vehicle Info and Options Area.

For Hatchbacks please place "Other" under the Type Bullet-Points. Select the proper modification level for your car, please be accurate so no changes will have to be made on the showfield.

Under Ford Classification Please Select the Appropriate Class. The classes are shown below.

Class 130: Fiesta and Fiesta ST
Class 131: 2000-2004 Focus Hatchback - Modified
Class 132: 2005-2007 Focus Hatchback - Modified
Class 133: 2000-2007 Focus Sedan / Wagon - Modified
Class 134: 2002-2004 Focus SVT
Class 135: Focus Special Interest (Roush, Saleen, Mach, Kona, etc)
Class 136: 2000-2007 Focus All - Stock (Excluding SVT)
Class 137: 2008-2011 Focus
Class 138: 2012+ Focus (Excluding ST)
Class 139: 2013 Focus ST
Class 140: 2014 Focus ST
Class 141: 2015 Focus ST

Step 3:
Under Ford Club please select FOCUS RISING. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the registration process. Please take note of this as this is what makes sure you are parked on the showfield with the rest of the group.

**Pictures of sample registrations are below.**

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