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Update on electrical:

I have made some progress I don't want to turn over the car yet until some of these are issues are sorted. Here is a quick breakdown of how my car is wired/setup and then I will list the current issues I am facing to see if we can come to some solutions.

Car Setup:
Mach HID Headlights
-Turn signal bulb has been converted to a white running light that will always be on once the key is turned
-Small light has been converted to a running light that will come on when the switch is turned to running lights
Headlight Switch is a European Switch
-This version includes all the workings for the rear fogs, headlight levelers, parking lights.
-currently not wired up for parking or rear fogs
Rear Tail light and Fog harness
-This is the true euro harness and has not been spliced yet (I wanted to see what worked first hoping for the best)
Front Bumper and Fender Turn Signals
-Both wired up to previous turn signal leads

What Currently happens at all headlight switch stages:

Turn on Key
-Both front running lights come on.
-Third brake light comes on along with bottom left fog/reverse light
Turn light switch to running lights
-Only right side of car lights come on (passenger side mini bulb indicator and brake light bulb)
Pull for Front fog lights
-Both fogs come on
Turn on Headlights
-Both headlights fire up

Obvious problems so far:

-Driver side running lights do not come on
-With ignition on Third Brake light and drivers side reverse fog comes on (need to still check bulb on passenger side rear Fog)
-Brake light don't seem to be working with the compression of the pedal
-Horn does not work (we can hear a clicking solenoid noise when pressed but nothing else)
-turn signals do not work currently (I believe they should with the ignition on, I need to check the hazard switch yet)
-Whatever Gauge Illumination wire I used is not working as I am not getting any power to my mechanical oil pressure gauge I will find another soon with the multi-meter
-I really need to find a pin readout for the euro headlight switch (I have the ford work shop manuals so I will check there first and then I will contact my friends in Europe. I am not too concerned about the parking setup but I want the rear fogs to work correctly.)
-I installed a dimming rear mirror which has three wires (ground, Ignition live, and the mystery wire) I need to find where the mystery wire goes but I believe I am just missing the power wire.

I know this is a lot right now and I am going to continue working at it but I thought I would post it up for people to share there thoughts if they have answers. I also did a quick search on the topic yesterday and I have a few pages to read yet. I think I am going to post some pictures up as well of a few things that are going on so it is easier for everyone to visualize.

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I know I ripped half my hatch apart with the brake lights on only to figure out the switch has twisted out of the pedals.
Luckily for me my car is still ripped apart :) I started looking at switches last night but will look again. Also the RS pedal set was missing a switch when compared with the normal pedal set. I was told that the two wires for that switch should be soldered together. I need to take a look back and find out what that was not that it is giving me any problems.

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Just letting everyone know this car is finally running. Not really sure of where to post updates yet as my picture hosting is now messed up. Hope everyone has been well!
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