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Here's some back ground on the issue:

Parked the car one day after work, the next morning it doesn't start, I go through the check list.

Is there power to the accessories?
YES – continue

Is the PATS light flashing rapidly?
NO – continue

Is the transmission in Park or Neutral? (if equipped)
NO – Move selector switch to Park or neutral.
YES – Automatic Trans BUT it looks like the car is not moving from neutral to park (or any other gear) on the dash display.

verify that the lever is actually moving the selector switch on the transmission to park or neutral, measure the resistance of the safety switch when in park or neutral, should be 0 ohms. then continue.

Can someone point me to the location of the safety switch, and where to purchase one(dealer only part?)?

Do you have an alarm or lockout?
NO - continue

Is the grey wire near the coil pack connected?
I think this model has its own independent coil thing going on, correct me if I'm wrong.

Is your engine ground less than 100 ohms?
YES – continue

Is there power to the starter?
YES – continue.

Is the starter grounded?
YES - continue.

Is there 12v on the key terminal when the key is in the "start" position?
YES - And I've replaced the starter, seemed to work for a couple days but idk if thats just luck or what...

Here is a video of the symptoms, I attempted to start the car several time, shifted through the gears, tried to star the car a few more times. Tried to start it while it was in neutral. But sometime it still stars but I haven't really been paying attention to the gear display until now.
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