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If anyone who will be attending FR'13 has time to spare to help me finish my car at the hotel tomorrow evening, I would very, very much appreciate it. I'm too embarrassed to show my car in its current condition.

Details here:

For the link-impaired:
"My entire life has come crashing down upon my car plans. Aside for an insane schedule over the last several weeks, I have had to deal with two colds, which resulted in a sinus infection that I have been battling over the last week. On Monday evening, on my way to the walk-in clinic, I had a tire fail on me. The spare was out of the car for cleaning purposes (I didn't realize how dirty/scratched it had gotten, so I shot it with some gloss black paint), so I was stuck calling AAA. By the time the car was picked up, all of the area shops were closed, forcing the car to stay overnight at a local lot. I had to remove the lip to get the car on the flatbed, and it came off in two pieces. Since the new tire ate up so much money, I have nothing left to refinish the lip before I wrap it. I will probably be forced to show the car with a tattered and broken front lip. Those who know me understand just how angry that makes me. Aside form the broken lip, here is what I have to accomplish both in the morning before I leave and at the hotel after I arrive.

-Re-vacuum car
-Re-install interior
-Touch up paint flaws in new center console
-Pack car
-Gather detailing supplies

Evening/at hotel:
-Fully clay/buff/polish/wax car
-Paint brakes
-Paint bracket on intake I was not planning on having on the car at the show
-Aim headlights
-Vinyl wrap lip
-Remove old, peelings stickers

Refinish Borbet Type Ts.

If ANYONE can spare the time to help me finish the car, I would very much appreciate it. I am very embarrassed to be showing up with a car in this condition. It is not representative of the care and effort I normally put into it. Life, school, and illness have all come in the way this year. I am very, very disappointed. :( "
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