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FSWerks customer,

Here are your FSWerks Stage 1 or 2 turbo files. You'll need to load them into your FSWerks / SCT X3 flasher and then load the main file into your car.

Also, you'll need a USB cable with the A/B configuration (different ends). Most people have these already since they are heavily used with printers, but if not I'd pick one up in advance. Be sure you get the correct cable:

If you want to data log an external signal, such as your wideband, you'll need a firewire cable that we sell for $10. Or you can get one locally, but the ones that we sell are more geared towards what you are trying to do since one end is already prepped for wiring.

srx2your_name1.cef is the main file you'll want to use. It is meant to be used with 91 or higher octane, nothing less.

srx2your_name2.cef is the same as the file above, but it has less spark just in case you ever hear any detonation. If you do every have to use this file, PLEASE get in touch with me ASAP so we can discuss what is going on and correct the situation. Load BOTH files into the flasher with the notes below and name them accordingly (something that will be clear to you) so you know which file is which.

If you get stuck or are confused about how to load the files, please contact me via phone or email so I can walk you thru it.

Its very important that you submit your rev data logs and wait for us to give you the OK to proceed BEFORE you do your wide open throttle data logs and/or go and drive the car hard. Also, your warranty will not be activated until you submit all of the data logs and they are approved. Please see below for start to finish data logging instructions:

Before you do any data logging, FLASH the car with your new or current program and then start data logging immediately. DO NOT flash the car and then let it run for a while before data logging!!! This is important and will help speed things along since it will clear the fuel trims and show me exactly what happens at start up, etc. Failure to do this will require you to do the data logs over again.

Please remember your warranty is not activated until all of your data logs have been submitted and approved by FSWerks.

1. Turn on laptop running Windows.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of LiveLink (data logging software) and LW Updater Software (file loading software) on your Windows equipped laptop. If you don't have them, get them here -

Install the program onto your laptop running Windows.

3. With the car off and ignition off, plug your X3 into the OBD II diagnostic port. Once its plugged into the car you should hear an audible jingle, but sometimes new firmware releases from SCT change that. If you don't hear anything, you are probably still OK. Also on a side note, you should get the same jingle when you plug the X3 into your laptop. However, if you plug into your car and then plug into your laptop, you won't hear it a second time, just the first time it gets connected to the car.

4. Now with the X3 plugged into you car, take your USB cable and plug it into your laptop. Give it a second. Now, open up the SCT LiveLink data logging software. Don't mess with the flasher, leave it on the screen that appears when you first plug it in. And don't do anything with LiveLink yet, just have it open.

5. Put the key in the ignition and turn it on. 2 clicks. The dash should be lit up. Don't start the car, just have the key ON. Your check engine light should be on and probably a few other things on the instrument cluster. LEAVE THE KEY ON.

6. Next, go to your LiveLink software and click on the little graph button. Its right under the word "File" in the top left corner. With the key ON, LiveLink should automatically connect to your car and open up a list of items that you can data log.

7. Pick what you need/want to data log from the list that appears. This is what I want to see unless otherwise noted:

long term fuel trim ( YES, you need to use the lower case version)
short term fuel trim ( YES, you need to use the lower case version)
ETC THROTTLE POSITION ( only for 2008-2011 cars )

If you are running a wideband oxygen sensor and are going to data log the output signal, the X3 will allow you to tell it what you have and it will configure it properly for you.

Call me if this gets too confusing.

When you are finished hit OK. Your data logging item list will appear in LiveLink.

8. Start recording by hitting the green button. Make sure the KEY IS ON before you start recording!

9. Start the car. Now you should see most, if not all, of the items in your list changing and being active. It should be very clear that there is activity and that you're data logging at that point.

10. You check the boxes next to each item you are logging if you want to see the graphic lines towards the right. If you don't want to see the lines, uncheck the box for the item in question.

11. Regarding the large gauges that are on screen, you can "right click" the gauges and a list will appear. That list is the same list that you chose of items to log. If you select an item you can see it also appear in the selected gauge.

12. When you are finished data logging, hit the red button to stop recording.

13. Save the log and name it accordingly if you are sending it to me or for your own records.


If you are just getting used to data logging, look thru the ENTIRE list of items to choose from. Sometimes things are not where you'd think they would be found.

Here is what you need to log and what to call them:

Data log @ idle for 4 minutes. Stop. Save file as idle.csv.

Data log @ 1500 RPMs for 30 seconds. Stop. Save file as 1500.csv.

Data log @ 2000 RPMs for 30 seconds. Stop. Save file as 2000.csv.

Data log @ 2500 RPMs for 30 seconds. Stop. Save file as 2500.csv.

Data log @ 3000 RPMs for 30 seconds. Stop. Save file as 3000.csv.

Data log @ 3500 RPMs for 15 seconds. Stop. Save file as 3500.csv.

Data log @ 4000 RPMs for 15 seconds. Stop. Save file as 4000.csv.

Data log @ 4500 RPMs for 15 seconds. Stop. Save file as 4500.csv.

Data log @ 5000 RPMs for 15 seconds. Stop. Save file as 5000.csv.

Data log @ 5500 RPMs for 15 seconds. Stop. Save file as 5500.csv.

I need all of these data logs to be from ONE SESSION please. Don't do half in the morning and half after dinner. One session. I recommend leaving your hood UP since you are doing this while stationary. Try to hold the revs as steady as possible. It may take a little practice, but you'll get it soon enough.

For a wide open throttle data log on the DYNO or the STREET, here is what I want to see:

Start recording the above items. Warm up the car until the ECTs are at least 180 degrees. Take off really easy in first gear. Rev to about 3,000 rpms and then shift into 3rd gear, skipping 2nd gear. Yes, SKIP second gear and go right into 3rd. Once you are in third, SMOOTHLY put your foot to the floor once you are at 1,800 rpms. By the time you are at 2,000 rpms I want your foot to be to the floor. Don't mash the pedal to the floor like you are stomping on a ****roach, just nice and smooth. So now you are in 3rd gear with your foot to the floor and we are recording the needed data. Go ahead and go all the way up to redline. Once you hit redline stop the dyno run OR slow down and pull over so you can safely stop recording if you are doing a street run. Save your log and call it "3rd gear WOT run" or something obvious. Send me the data. Keep in mind that doing the above on public roads is against the law and you assume the risk and liability if you decide to do so. Visiting a dyno is the only way to do the above legally.

I suggest keeping the logs in one folder, call it something like "My data logs" or whatever you want it called. And you might want to include the date in the folder name. I usually do it like this: "Jack Black's Stage 2 turbo data logs 7-14-09"

E-mail me the files. Send 2 separate e-mails if the files are too big for one email please. Please include a daytime and evening phone number you can be reached at, too.

Thanks, I really appreciate you sticking to the above!

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Good info. My question is would the WOT be done with and ATX? I'm thinking O/D off and then just follow the instructions above, but what if the passing gear engages? Do I just let it ride until it disengages and then go to redline to complete the WOT datalog run? I hope that made sense. LOL.

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Carl, you will receive instructions in an email. This is kind of a back up for people who lose the email. Also, I left you a voicemail yesterday. I need your ecu code and flasher serial number emailed to me please.
Okay, sorry if I seem anxious. LOL. Email sent.

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Just re-read this. Just one question for us guys that are about to install the Cosworth intake manifold, when we plug in the X3 to the car and our computer, we flash the car with the new tune (starting file for IM) first correct? I've never done this, that's why I ask. :eek:

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Cool, I'll call you if I have any trouble. Seems pretty straight forward though. Thanks again Randy.
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