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Hoping someone here can help me out.

Symptom 1: My brakes get stiff when I push them more than once quickly, which led me to replace all the vacuum hoses, associated o-rings and gaskets. Even made my own smoke machine, found a small leak at the IMRC but considering my short and long term fuel trims never add up past 10% I don't think a vacuum leak is my issue.

Symptom 2: My RPM randomly drops so low the battery light comes on. I've read that this is common with SVTs and a tune is how you fix it. This may be a contributing factor but not my main issue I believe because the following symptom...

Symptom 3: I put a vacuum gauge on the PCV valve and got a strange reading. The needle vibrates between 2-3 in/hg below 10 while cold. Once it's warmed about to about 180 it vibrates 2-3in consistently at 11 in/hg. When I rev the engine the needle goes crazy, fluctuating 5-10 in/hg until ~3800RPM where it evens out at around 20in/hg. After letting off the accelerator it jumps about 5 in. before settling down to it's usual bullshit at idle.

Checked oil (5-20w in there now but I'm switching back to 5-30 next oil change)
Checked spark plugs, set them at .054
Brand new upstream O2 sensor.
PCV Valve and hose replaced about 30k miles ago and working properly.

Best Guess I can come up with is worn valve guides. It recently broke a timing belt (6 year old belt with about 60k miles, fml) and the ****tards I hired did such a **** job I had to have another shop put the timing belt on correctly, so I have no faith in their workmanship. When I put my head right above the engine I hear a clicking sound that seems to be coming from the intake side. Or from my paranoid overthinking mind, I don't ****ing know. Just put some seafoam in the gas on the off chance that cleans the intake valves. Lost about 1qt of oil between changes but I think that was due to the valve cover leak caused by said ****tards torquing the bolts down with their bare hands apparently? No leaks since I torqued it properly so I'll get a better idea of how much oil I burn, which was basically none before the timing belt shat itself.

Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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