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It is sad to see this once great forum so dead, now that Focus is no longer in the US.

I used to own a 2005 (post-facelift) ZX3 and was quite active here while I owned it (sadly no longer have access to that email and that account :( )

One of these ugly things :D (I stole this photo from the internet)

That little ZX3 was my very first car. I loved it, modded it slightly, then upgraded to a Mazda3 'to get close to the Mk2 Focus' and had that car for a long while.

Now, in Europe, with new life stages (marriage, baby), I am living out my EU car dreams and got a stick-shift station wagon Mk4 (Titanium, 1.0l 3cylinder Ecoboost ,125hp (damn engines are getting tiny!))

It's quite a bit of a homecoming, indeed.

Also, I must say, that while the wagon and the Mk4 is grown up, it is every bit as much fun as the old Mk1.5 and the Mk1 (C1) Mazda3.

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