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after puting a powerworks kit on my svt and using the "search"
alot and some emails and some phone calls , i put together a little list of
service/replacement parts. i have had this on FF for a while but have added some info
to it


Powerworks belt tensioner
cross referance for the tensioner

GATES 38112 ( i have used this one )

NAPA 38112
MIGHTY 305240
ORIGINAL ........................... 21 006508
ORIGINAL ........................... 2 1007465
VISTEON 800110
(info from FF)

Powerworks belt size
6-rib replacement
00-02 5spd/AUTO and SVT = 87.5” long, ’
03-04 5spd/AUTO = 86.5” long

dont really need part number just go to a auto
parts store and tell them the size you need
(info from Powerworks)

Oil filter relocation:
Parts were made by Perma-cool but they do not make them anymore ..
Derale performance makes parts that are just the same
( can be found on )

Spin on block part. Derale #259-15746 Spin-On Adapter • Dual 1/2" NPT Side Ports • Engine Thread Size:3/4"-16

Filter mount Derale #259-25709 Single Oil Filter Mount • Side Ports • 1/2'' NPT Ports • Filter Threads:3/4'' – 16
(info from SVT0209/VS66)

Intercooler pump (same as SVT lightning)
Ford Racing Intercooler Pump M-8501-L54
(info from FF)

Idler pulley
Gates 70 mm idler 38018
dayco idler pulley 89033

i have the right part number in my tool box
i need to put it up here

PW C.A.R.B. info
CARB EO: D-587
(thanks to shlbygt on FF)

(working for now 3/21/14
PW directions

is from a ford lightning
The Motorcraft number is DY-754
(Ford number F6SZ-12A697-A)

new part is
DY-1159 (motorcraft)
or 9C1Z-12A697-B (ford)

Bypass valve
full Bypass Assembly Kit which includes a new nose, coupler and the oil to fill it, the part number is 10-62-44-003-BL. They are machined to order and run $1200.

the actuator is $40.50. The part number for the actuator is 45-01-41-112 (original part number#VA783)
You will also need the actuator hardware which is part number 45-00-04-001 which is only $4.50.

(info from QJ on FJ)

Tuning info
for anyone who needs a tuning solution because they didn't get a tune with a kit...a tune can be purchased from Randy as FSWerks. I paid $400 and I had a smog tune and a street tune...the street tune made more power than the Powerworks Tune. The guys at Powerworks sold Randy their tune when they knew they were going under. So he has the original file that came with the kit when it was purchased brand new. Randy has improved upon it, especially for the SVT. The new owner will need to own an XCal 2 and have LiveWire data log capability
(info from QJ on FJ)

hope this might save some people some time if it can be added to the Stickied Threads
and thank you to the few people that have helped out with this info

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Nothing on brackets/ missing pieces??? :(
I'm sure all the brackets were custom made and don't think
You will find them , what were you missing

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This deserves a sticky. Thank you for posting this information. This is specifically for the Powerworks Supercharge only. Any information or parts for other kits will need their own thread, so as not to confuse readers, thank you.

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The intercooler degas bottle cap is the same as the Lightning's or the Cobra's. I forget which although they're probably the same. Also Mocal makes a better take off plate for the oil filter relocation. Instead of having a threaded body, it has a threaded and gasketed hat which allows the body to be clocked in any orientation whereas the one included in the kit is a compromise of hose orientation and plate security. used to sell them but now all they list is the thermostatically opened model which is no bueno. Mocal part number is "TOPO" and it looks like this:


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Ahh color me corrected then. BAT keeps changing their rubbish .pdf's. The TOP1LP "used" to be readily findable on their site.

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some info I found while looking for something

Parts list for Powerworks Ford Focus supercharger kit - 2000/2002

BOX # 1of 2

part number Description Qty in kit

PWHP020002B Supercharger / intake manifold assembly 1
PWHP080001A Intercooler pump 1
PWHP090007A Bracket - Intercooler pump 2
PWHP090008A Bracket kit - supercharger snout support 1
PWHP090001A Supercharger to cylinder block bracket 1
PWHP080002A Expansion bottle and cap 1
PWHP090002B Bracket - belt tensioner 1
PWHP090003A Intake Air tube support bracket 1
PWHP020011A Intake Air tube 1

BOX # 2 of 2

part number Description Qty in kit

PWHP080003A Radiator - Low Temp 1
PWHP110007A Remote oil filter asm. kit 1
PWHP020008A Throttlebody BBK, 2000-2002 1
PWHP120003A Auto Belt Tensioner 1
PWHP120002A Ider Pulley Asy 1
PWHP120001A FEAD Drive Belt 1
PWHP020012A Bellows 1
PWHP090005A Hose Clamp - Bellows 2
PWHP050002B VMV - Purge Line 1
PWHP050003B PCV - vacuum harness 1
PWHP050004B Vacuum tree 1
PWHP050005B Brake Booster Line 1
PWHP050006A IPS Line 1
PWHP080008A Hose Asy - Degas Bottle to LTR, 3/4"x 30" 1
PWHP080007A Hose Asy - LTR to Wtr Pump. 3/4" x 12" 1
PWHP110010A Male Pipe Connector - 1/2" NPT 2
PWHP090004A Hose Clamp - 3/4" 8
PWHP060002A MAF/ACT Harness 1
PWHP060003A TPS Harness 1
PWHP060004A IAC Harness 1
PWHP060005A MAP/ACT Harness 1
PWHP060008A Pump Connector, Incld Relay 1
PWHP060009A Connector - ACT 1
PWHP060010A Connector - MAF 1
PWHP050011A Hose 1/4". EGR to DPFE x 24" 1
PWHP050012A Hose 3/16". EGR to DPFE x 24" 1
PWHP080004A HOS ASY WTR PMP TO ENG CHG AIR COOL 3/4" Elbow - 4"x 48" 1
PWHP080005A HOS ASY ENG CHG AIR COOL TO degas bottle 3/4" Elbow 4"x 36" 1
PWHP110008B Oil Pipe - RH 1
PWHP110009B Oil Pipe - LH 1
PWHP060006A ACT Sensor 1
PWHP130008A Powerworks Emblem 1
PWHP100002A Gasket - IAC 1
PWHP100003A Gasket - EGR 1
PWHP070001A Bolt - Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head (M8x35) 9
PWHP070004A Bolt - Mounting Bracket to Cylinder Block (M10x30) 3
PWHP070007A Bolt - Tensioner Bracket to Cylinder Block (M6x25) 1
PWHP070008A Bolt - Tensioner Bracket to Alternator (M8x45) 2
PWHP070009A Bolt - Expansion Bottle to Body (6x16) 1
PWHP070013A "U" Nut - Expansion Bottle to Body 1
PWHP070014A Bolt - Idler Pulley to Brkt (M10x25) 1
PWHP070015A Washer - Idler Pulley to Brkt (M10) 1
PWHP070011A Screw - Sel tap 1/4"x1" 11
PWHP070016A Bolt - Throttle Body to Intake Manifold 4
PWHP090009A "P" Clip - Oil Hose 1
PWHP100004A Shim - Manifold to Transmission. 7/16" ID x 1/32" Thick 3
PWHP070005A Bolt - Manifold to Transmission (M10x35) 1
PWHP050007A Fuel Injectors 4
PWHP100005A "O" Ring - Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head 4
PWHP060007A Spark Plugs 4
PWHP130002A Envelope for PCM return 1
PWHP130004A Installation manual 1
PWHP130005A Decal - Under hood 1
PWHP130006A Decal - Fuel filler cap/ Premium fuel 1 1/2" X 3/4' 1
PWHP130007A Label - Customer PCM Details 1

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anyone looking for a copy of the CARB EO sticker can contact
Josh @ [email protected]
you will need the kit part number so he can make it for you

5spd Manual Model years 2000 – 2002: PWHP010001A
· 5spd Manual Model years 2003 – 2004: PWHP010002A
· AUTOmatic Model years 2000 – 2002: PWHP010101B
· AUTOmatic Model years 2003 – 2004: PWHP010102B
· 6sp Manual SVT Model years 2002 – 2004: PWHP010201A

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Haven't been on the forum in ages, as most everything that's gone "incorrect" hasn't really been associated purely with the PWSC. But, hit a deer, had to get a new hood, which eliminated my sticker. So, very helpful. Plus, I always access this for the information on wear items. Just got a new serpentine, serpentine pulley (a Saturn SL-1 unit--I order from Advanced Auto online, using code TRT 30 for 30% off), and Bypass Actuator Valve from Magnussen.

last year I took the whole SC off and sent it to Embree Machine (find them online) and had the entire M62 rebuilt, and the rotors coated with what appears to be the equivalent to JetHot. Anyway, they put Mobil 1 5w-20 in it instead of the GM Supercharger oil I had here, and which they usually sent with their completed units. Total cost, with shipping by USPS both ways, was about $970. I didn't have it ported, or anything else, but I did follow all the instructions here as well as reverse engineering the PDF. Cleaned the intercooler, and had to literally scrape built up oil (from the PCV valve) from inside the unit--kept it all soaking in degreaser for about a week! Now, I have a CFM Oil Catch Can set up to keep that oil from getting in the PWSC.

Anyway, just want to say, five years after this thread came up, I'm still running with my PWSC on my 2002 ZTS (with 223,000 miles!) and I still use this thread!


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It's good to hear this is a reliable kit…. I'm looking forward to getting mine in place come Spring! I'm sure I'll be using this thread to help with the build and to maintain the kit to it's highest potential!

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Oh, it's reliable. The other parts on the car wear out quite a bit...I've probably changed every system on the car, but the PWSC has held up. Had my car since new (July 2002).

You absolutely must have three people to put the PWSC in its place! In my case, removing and reinstalling it after my rebuild a year and a half ago, I was on my back underneath the car, and two friends of mine gingerly dropped it down into its place. I don't care what others may say--in order to get the supercharger installed slowly, safely and methodically, you need two people up top who have to bend over (straining their lower backs) and one underneath to ensure it does not plummet down and crush any wires, etc. The PWSC, for us, went in slowly by having it almost vertical to start, then laying it down horizontally in increments. It was not "easy" by any means, nor was it hard--just tedious.

The parts that seem to "go" or will need checking include any non-Motorcraft/Ford alternator as well as the battery wires. Note that if your battery wires burn out (which happened to me once my alternator's regulator went), you have to take the entire supercharger unit off (a three-person job), since the battery wires are obviously bolted to the starter located underneath the supercharger. And yes, it is impossible for normal humans to get the starter out without removing the PWSC. When you take your intake off for the kit, have your alternator bench tested just in case! The alternator has to come off, to install the PWSC anyway, so do so, or buy a new one--and have that one bench tested, too.

Also, the screw-on remote oil filter adaptor plate (that goes in place of where your oil filter would normally be) may not stay screwed on super tightly. When I first had mine installed (by McNews Automotive, Dillsburg PA) a few weeks later the takeoff plate had loosened a bit and while driving I saw masses of smoke coming out the car's rear--came to a stop in a parking lot as all the lights went on, and oil was pouring from my engine onto the ground like someone had attached a garden hose to it!!! I thought I'd annihilated my engine, but it was the oil relocation plate that had vibrated itself off.

Really make sure your coil pack pigtail is not cracked; I couldn't see the damage until I actually inspected it super closely. The original Motorcraft coil packs are the only reliable coil packs I'd trust with the kit. Furthermore, as for maintenance, be sure to load up on the correct spark plugs, dielectric grease, and anti seize compound, as changing the spark plugs regularly really helps "liven up" the car.

As mentioned before by others in this thread, the heat from the supercharger seems to eventually dry out and crack the Magnussen bypass actuator valve. I'd honestly just order another one ten minutes after you install your PWSC kit, just to avoid headaches in the future. Queen Jade is the goddess who saved me from trouble there. I have one on a shelf here in my house waiting for the spring; I change them out every year or so now as a matter of course--for the price of a tank and a half of gas I get to know I'm going to not have my actuator valve stay open on me.

Note that I have destroyed three (3) "Random Technologies Hi Flow Cats"--the ones that attach perfectly to the SVT header. The RT cats are weird and flawed; they are 2.5" on the intake side, but then they narrow down to a choke point on the exit end to like two puny inches! The exhaust gasses somehow "fold in" the sides of the RT's catalyst in the front of the catalyst--this looks like inward-facing flower petals--and then they totally block the flow of exhaust gas down to maybe a hole the size of a thumb! A few minutes later, the entire catalyst is blown off its mounts/adhesives, and ends up in chunks and pieces rattling loose inside the RT "Hi Flow" cat. The only thing that ends up "flowing highly" through your exhaust are bits and pieces of precious metals and ceramic substrates. So, be aware, you may do better if you fab up your own exhaust pipe.

I have a straight "ORP" off road pipe that fits perfectly from an SVT header to a 2.5" flex pipe that I could sell if you need it later this spring (I check this forum periodically--if you want to find me, hit me up on "Lotus Talk"; I am on the Esprit forums, as, you may guess it, "greentengu". I bought a project Lotus and geez is it a PROJECT!!!...but that's where you can find me more often than here on this great forum).

I don't know the size, but you might consider (as I am considering right this minute) checking to see if any of the FSWerks "GREEN" brand air filters fit the PWSC and replacing the one from the kit immediately.

That's all I can think of for now.

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The Mocal plate (don't have the PN handy but it should turn up in a search) and associated adapters (I have a set of Mitch's -AN lines) is a good fix as it allows tightening at whatever position best fits the lines. for Mocal stuff, previous FJ sponsor if I remember right. Note that I think Lorin had posted a picture or two years ago where the lines were reversed in one or two of them so if you see a picture that doesn't make sense that might be why!

Also, if anybody needs the PWSC manual I have it in PDF somewhere, just drop me a PM with your email address. :)

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So... My A/C discharged itself at the last track day, so I figure it is time to run without. Anybody know the length/PN for a belt to run the PWSC without A/C?


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Hi guys hope u can help I live in the UK and have a powerworks kit on my 2.0 zetec focus I need to rebuild it but am not sure on exactly what parts or rebuild kit I need can anyone help pleas :)
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