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My latest addition to the stable; this one replaces the 242 as my daily driver. '09 FX4; 4.0L SOHC, 5-speed auto (I need to tow with it), 31-spline .8 with Torsen diff. It needs tires, so I'll be moving to 285/75-16 General Grabber AT2s. I've got some other small, simple plans for it, but my plans to actually own my own stable for my growing collection come first.

With Kayla (my GF, for those who don't know)

Hauling my super low-hours 01 Yamaha Warrior, which has an HMF exhaust, Dynojet carb kit, UNI air filter, 22x12.5" Mug Sharks on 10" wide rear wheels, and Full Flight +2 control arms.

Weekly trip to the car wash. Yes, I'm that douche that brings a bucket full of my own stuff to clean the truck, Griot's Garage and Croftgate are what I'm using on this vehicle. I'm impressed with both so far.

Doing firewood at Ray's house. This truck is pampered, but it gets worked, too.
241 - 243 of 243 Posts