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2003 ZX5, 2.0L Zetec. ~235k miles

So the global pandemic has me working from home for the last few months, so I haven't been driving very much lately, although I have been making sure to drive it enough to get up to temp, circulate fluids, etc at least every week or so.

Yesterday I noticed that the brakes are really squishy. They do stop the car, but I have to get the pedal pretty much to the floor.

Lots of pedal travel before they really engage. When the engine is off, I can press the pedal down pretty easily about half-way, which seems further than I used to be able to. Start it up while depressed, and the pedal does sink down. Pumping the pedal with engine running gives a pretty loud hiss, and I can pump and pump and pump and it always goes nearly to the floor.

Brake fluid reservoir is full, and I think the pads/shoes/rotors/drums are all okay. I'm going to confirm all that, and bleed them this weekend just to be sure - I'll probably bleed enough to get all the fluid replaced with new while I'm doing it.

Feels like air in the system to me.

I have a feeling it's probably either the booster (check valve?) and/or the Master Cylinder. Is there a simple way to check either/both before removing/replacing? I have never done either on this vehicle (owned it since 2006 with 55k miles) so it wouldn't surprise me at this point for one or both to be going out... anyone got a detailed step-by-step on removal/replacement for these?
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