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Hi everyone,

Having some issues with my 02 SVT Focus and hoping someone can confirm/deny my speculations. I've had the car for 4 months or so and the trans and clutch have been buttery smooth.

A few days ago I shifted into 2nd gear around redline and heard a noise. Felt sticky in second gear but was about 30 seconds from home, so I just went on with the remainder of my drive. Next drive I took to the grocery store, second gear was sticky, sometimes went in, sometimes didn't. I don't drive much as I am a student, but a day or two after, I took a light test drive to try to see if I could figure out what's going on. Sure enough, I'm having the same difficulty getting into second, fourth, or sixth gear. First, third, fifth and reverse all shift fine. The car would go into all the gears when it was turned off, however, 2,4,6 were a little difficult.

I assumed it may have been some slack in the shifter cables, so I tried to adjust to compensate. Now I am having trouble adjusting and getting the car into gears. Have a friend holding the gearshift in the neutral position, while I have adjusted the cables on the trans. Tried a few times (I know this is normally not done in one try) but it feels like zero progress is being made. Now I'm just confused and frustrated, but also starting to worry something worse could be wrong.

Thanks in advance,
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