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All new genuine Ford parts, will fit a 2003 Focus SVT, but some will fit other Ford models as well. Check the P/N to see if it will work with your car.

Fog Lamps, P/N 2M5Z-15200-AB $50 each.
I have four of these, I believe they were used on other models like the Escape.
Brackets for above, P/N 2M5Z-15266-AB (x2) or -AC(2x) $5 each.

Low note horn kit, P/N 2W7Z-13800-BA $40.
Front side marker lights 2S4Z-15A201-AA (x2) and -AB (x1) $15 each

Not really exterior, Clutch master cylinder 1M5Z-7A543-AA, $50
I believe this was used on all manual transmission Foci of that era.

Final price will be as stated, with actual postage added. Pay me via PalPal or in person (NJ local pickup possible).
Send me a PM through the forum if interested.

Joe Moryl
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