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Hello everyone, I just did some work on my 2003 ZX3 and since it's now all back together, something odd has started happening.

No matter what position my wiper switch is in suddenly, the wipers -both the front and rear simultaneously- will go... stop... go, go, go... stoooooop...... gooooo..... you get the idea. They also both squirt windshield fluid at the same time no matter if I push in the button on the end of the stalk or pull it towards me, and sometimes they'll both stall in mid-swipe and then continue working again.

This doesn't seem to be the relays as I don't think they would both crap out at the same time and do the same things simultaneously... it seems like the stalk itself is the culprit.

I guess my questions are, does this seem like the correct diagnosis? And, There are two Motorcraft options: One without the fine speed rotator cuff (like mine) and one with. Although mine came from factory without the cuff, if I purchase the one WITH it will it work and give me more selectable speeds?
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