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Wanna touch my tots?
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This is actually pretty funny to me.

* If I don't come in here often enough I'm not "wity" or "quick".
* If I were to post in this "boring" thread constantly then you'll report me and I'll live up to your "troll" expectations.
* I not only have better and more important things do to (which is why I'm actually not on FJ as much as I normally would be) I've got other places to check for better content anyway. Not that colorado isn't a blast. I'm sure it is. I would rather check out OT or NE. pffft Please.

I have a job and things to take care of than help make you dislike me more. If you hate me so much then talk to Dev about me as he was the one that let me back in. Or, block me from Colorado. Or block me entirely so you don't have to see my posts.

Either way I won't win with you. Now now not ever.

Unnecessary quotations? Why yes. It's much better that way.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts